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The latest news

Problems with Executive Function

Psychology Today stated Someone who struggles with executive functioning will likely have trouble starting or finishing tasks, executing multiple steps of a project in sequence, and keeping their belongings organized. They may struggle to make decisions or lose important items frequently.



Issues with impulse or emotional control are a less obvious sign of an executive functioning deficit. Someone with underdeveloped executive functioning may act without thinking and may appear overly emotional at times; this is because both behavioral and emotional inhibition are key aspects of executive functioning.

Executive dysfunction—sometimes called executive function disorder, or EFD—may appear similar to ADHD; indeed, some experts posit that ADHD is itself a disorder of executive function. People with ADHD—especially children—usually struggle with one or more executive functions, in addition to other symptoms such as hyperactivity and distractibility.

Those with executive functioning deficits are all too familiar with difficulties in:

– Goal-directed behavior
– Task-oriented behaviors
– Self-regulation and behavior inhibition
– Planning
– Working memory
– Mental flexibility
– Response inhibition and impulse control
– Monitoring of action

Any of these symptoms sounds familiar to you?


Ref: Psychology Today   Link to the Article